Set default Assessor, IQA, and Employer during initial user account creation box

We feel it would be useful for the staff creating accounts to be able to set the default access from the initial screen. By selecting IQAs, and Employer accounts later in the process it risks access problems later in the learning process. For example, if someone forgot to set the Default Employer account because it is on a different screen to the placement selection, that user may not receive a notification to sign a review, meaning the whole review is not compliant for auditing purposes and needs to be completed again.

  • Joe Pilgrim
  • Jul 31 2018
  • Unlikely to implement
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  • Joe Pilgrim commented
    4 Feb, 2019 10:57am

    Fair point, thank you for the reply.

  • Chris Whalley commented
    4 Feb, 2019 10:09am

    The account creation screen captures the essential, minimum information required to create an account.

    It is already possible to set the assessor during creation. 

    The IQA is slightly more complicated as they can be assigned to learning aims, and these need to be selected first. 

    The employer account is optional in any case so we cannot force someone to choose this.

    Both IQA and employer can easily be selected from the tabs that appear after the learner is created, therefore we will not be implementing this. I understand your point about forgetting to assign these, but these could be picked up in a report.

    It is unlikely that we will implement this at the current time.